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Enhance Wellbeing with Wellness Travel.

What is wellness travel and recreation?

Wellness Travel allows the traveler to maintain or enhance a healthy lifestyle, recharge their inner energy, and support or increase one’s
sense of wellbeing.

Recharging one’s energy and calm has direct benefits to performing the daily duties and help growing a person’s residence and professional

How is wellness travel defined?

Wellness travel needs venues that provide the physical and psychological support for participants to experience wellness. The physical environment needs to adopt healthy and safe elements which have their roots in healthy buildings. This includes healthy living environments with direct access to nature, as well as quality exercising, physical therapeutic offerings nutrition, and abilities to relax and meditate.

The psychological environment requires non-judgment and positive emotional support by staff and co-travelers. Typically, wellness venues also offer elements of sustainability which are the physical elements of the venue environment.


Benefits for the occupant of wellness travel destinations include relaxing times that recharge one’s inner energy, reduce stress and anxieties and improve overall health. In many instances time spent on wellness travel kick-starts the desire to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits for organizations that support wellness travel of their employees, such as incentive retreats, are the reduction of HR costs with results from increase in motivation, ability to perform more productively, and a higher retention.

Benefits for wellness travel destinations are the typically higher accommodation fees and a competitive advantage towards destinations that do not have wellness travel offerings.

What We Offer

• Review of travel destination and reporting through articles and videos.
• Coaching of travel destinations leadership on the financial benefits of wellness travel.
• Consulting on how to implement adopt elements of wellness through investments in physical assets and training of staff.

Reviews and travel blog & videos

We have visited vacation and recreational venues which promote wellness and sustainability.

While we do not promote or represent these venues their descriptions should help to identify important elements of wellness travel.