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Creating Healthy Buildings, Valuable Assets and Uplifting Environments

Healthy Buildings represent a Megatrend in the building industry and an expanding field of the “Green” building industry...
It goes beyond building “green”... The new Frontier of modern buildings is good for the environment AND provides healthy and productive environments for occupants.

Workplaces impact both the physical and psychological experience of work. Deficient physical workplace conditions (indoor air quality, light, noise,  etc.) and a lack of feeling welcomed and included, negatively affect employee’s performance, reduces talent retention; and these conditions can directly result in unhealthy conditions which is associated with absentees and increased healthy related.

Let us help you connect the dots on how, so that you can make your best business decisions, and gain positive and predictable ROI from the often fuzzy returns on people investments. Having a predictable plan for success, with metrics that measure impact, will put you ahead of your competitors.


Know how to avoid the 6 biggest physical work space mistakes most companies make?

Speaking the New Language of Buildings

The conventional way most building owners and operators characterize the attractiveness and productivity of spaces is quickly changing to address the current Megatrend in the building industry. The focus is NOW on creating healthy buildings that provide high comfort, create a sense of welcoming, inclusion, beauty and care.  Discover how to start embracing this new Megatrend.

Going Beyond the Energy Paradox

Data shows building new or retrofitting spaces to make them healthier can actually cause higher energy and water uses, with all the negative impact. There is a better way forward.  Discover how our expertise in innovative sustainable design and technology can identify technologies that create both healthier buildings and reduce energy and water use.

The Triple Bottom Line

A big shift toward the concept of the “triple bottom line” of Planet (environmental), People (social) and Profit (financial) is a sustainable framework that businesses and building owners are adopting to assess their performance in a broader perspective to create value. Discover how you can join the movement as it relates to healthier and more productive buildings.

Healthy Building Expert

A Division of Sustainable Design and Consulting LLC

Dr. Zapka, Principal, has been working in the renewable energy, green building and occupant comfort fields for more than 25 years. He has remained at the cutting edge of sustainability and occupant comfort technologies ever since.

He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Nevada and Hawaii. He  received an engineering PhD in the field of sustainable energy technology.

As an adjunct professor for architecture, he has lectured and conducted applied research in high performance building technologies. He has worked with renowned international expert in the green building field to create winning technologies and create practical building applications. His professional focus is in healthy and sustainable environments.

Right Strategies for Specific Problems

We provide individual coaching, online courses, personalized assessments, and workbooks.

The following services and products are available to help you gaining the largest value from your investments in improving your buildings.

1. Initial evaluations:  Examples include: Thermal comfort studies since occupant’s satisfaction requires indoor temperatures to be not too hot or cold, Ventilation studies since bad indoor air quality makes spaces unhealthy and unattractive;  Noise studies,  since noise can cause health issues and motivate occupants to leave.

2. Winning strategies: We analyze multiple problems and develop a winning mix of improvement strategies. Winning strategies need favorable ROI which we ensure by using proprietary assessment tools to optimize ROI.

3. Support project planning: We support the project team creating cost effective design based on winning strategies including the selection of technology products and capable contractorsnning strategies including selecting technology products and capable contractors.

4. Support implementation: Ongoing support for the project team on clarifying implementation barriers and opportunities. We’ll provide independent commissioning to ascertain that full design potential is achieved.

5. Optional certification:  We can manage the certification process to obtain the selected levels of green building certification such as WELL, LEED, or EnergyStar.

Manfred Zapka Certifications