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Our Story

We believe that each person deserves a healthy and productive environment that works for them and their employer.

We've been trusted advisors to business owners and professionals in our separate businesses for many years. Each of us served a different market - Phyllis in workplace culture and strategy, and Manfred in Healthy Buildings and Sustainable Design.
Five years ago we learned to speak each other's language - psychology and engineering, and realized that the combination is what the modern workplace needs. Founding Great Places and Spaces is a venture devoted to the premise that every person deserves to discover and have a work setting that helps them be healthy and productive.

Dr. Phyllis Horner

Dr. Phyllis Horner, CEO, is a professional executive coach and consultant in the ROI of people investments. Her experience includes design of competitive business strategy, corporate values, performance and productivity systems, executive development and succession. She specializes in designing what people need from their environment to do their best work. and advises "best places to work" how to be even better.

Dr. Manfred Zapka

Dr. Manfred Zapka, COO, is an engineering and scientific consultant, a professional engineer, and an educator. Manfred has worked in the sustainability arena for over 20 years, specializing in energy / water efficient buildings and low impact site development. He has been teaching and conducting research in high performance buildings. He specializes in practical sustainability and healthy buildings solutions.

Our Combined Strength – Modern Healthy and Productive Settings

Executive and Career Coaching

Use assessments, coaching and courses to make your work culture match your talent’s expectations of a great workplace, to drive productivity and the desire to stay.

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Healthy Building Advisor

Use proven strategies to improve physical workspace conditions therefore creating a healthy and productive environment.

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