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Healthy Buildings are the cornerstone of creating your Ideal Workplace.

What is a Healthy Building?

The “Healthy Building” movement has its roots in the green building movement. While there are several approaches to define healthy buildings, the basic understanding is that a healthy building is one with an indoor and adjacent outdoor environment that is optimized to positively impact the health and well-being of its occupants.

WELL Healthy Building Standards

There are several systems that define and quantify the performance of a healthy building. The most well-known healthy building ranking and certification system is the WELL certification which was established about 10 years ago.

The WELL approach defines the level of health in a building by the performance of 10 categories. Through a rating system that quantifies individual performances of these 10 categories an overall score can be established which defines the overall performance of the building.

The four WELL certification categories are in ascending order bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, with platinum having the most comprehensive healthy environment.


The benefits of healthy buildings are numerous and come down to promoting the physical and mental wellbeing of the building occupant and reaping the positive outcomes of improved occupant health and wellbeing.

Typically, healthy buildings are commercial or institutional buildings where the improvement of occupant health can directly be attributed to competitive advantages. This implies that investment into healthy building designs needs to have attractive ROIs.

For companies improving the health and wellbeing of employees carries immediate benefits in terms of increased productivity and better retention and attraction of talent. Healthy workplace environments increase cognitive functions, which is essential for a productive, motivated, and creative workforce that derives value for the organization.

What We Offer

Our principals Dr. Phyllis Horner and Dr. Manfred Zapka are both WELL certified and are also licensed WELL faculty. We offer the following services, coaching, consulting, design, and teaching:
• Introduction of the WELL certification to organization and guidance through the certification process.
• Coaching to leadership of organization to adopt and implement healthy buildings.
• Teaching WELL standard to the organization.
• Conduct the WELL certification process or provide expert assistance in the process.
• Assessment of the gaps to achieve healthy buildings performance and a roadmap for improvements.
• Consulting and design assist to implement healthy building conditions and quantify the ROI.