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Where will your Career Land after the Pandemic?

As the future of where, how and why we work continues to change, Thriving Work life Design is committed to staying on the cutting edge of services and solutions that make each person feel productive and valued.

Thriving Work Life Design was founded on the belief that high talent individuals, especially in early or mid-career, frequently evaluate whether the company and job are meeting their highest career aspirations.

Especially after they master a job, they can start to see the deficiencies in the organization’s culture very clearly. And they start to resent things they put up with prior to job mastery. This resentment, though hidden from leadership, leads to a slippery slope of “intent to quit”, resulting in tangible costs to your organization.


Thriving Worklife Design offers online courses for career professionals as they rethink their future and answer the compelling question “How can I ensure I have work that frees my soul, feeds my mind, and fills my wallet!℠”


Know how to keep your career headed in the best direction for you!

Rethinking Work?

  • Should I work for myself or a company right now? How do I know which work setting will work best for me?
  • What kind of company should I join?  How do I know if they will treat me well once I arrive, and how do I know the pay I negotiate is fair?

What will the Future Bring?

  • What should I ask for from my manager to ensure that my time at the company is ideal for me, in terms of type of work, workload, how I am doing, how valued I feel, and how fairly I am treated?
  • How do I know when it’s time to move on to a new role or company?  What’s the planning process and how do I avoid “land-mines”?

Is it Time to Leave?

  • How do I decide whether to “up my game” to have more impact, to move to a more physically comfortable space, or to a brand-new role?
  • How do I talk with my partner, manager and others about my intentions to pursue something new, without causing undue disruption or fear?  How can I ask for what I need in terms of support?
  • How do I reduce the risk of making a change?

Thriving Work Life Design

A Division of Career Excelerator LLC

Phyllis Horner is a thought leader, author, speaker, and executive coach. She is the primary architect of Thriving Worklife Design.

Phyllis has over 25 years of experience as an executive and career coach for high-talent individuals who are ready to rethink their next career destination.

We provide individual coaching, online courses, personalized assessments, and workbooks.

For those who need to reshape the work experience for ROI and retention.

We are also  dedicated to  helping employers  create deep understanding about how the modern workplace and workspace is changing, because what  used to work for all team members probably only work for a minority of their teams now.

Please connect for a FREE No-obligation brainstorming session to jumpstart your goals.