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Embrace Holistic Pickleball℠: Building Connections and Wellness Through Play.

What is Holistic Pickleball?

Holistic Pickleball is for people who love the Pickleball game and seek it as a way to grow their relationships and social network and conduct a meaningful and healthy way of physical exercise.

Why we founded Holistic Pickleball

The aspect of promoting physical and mental health through a form of physical exercise that is fun and easy to do is a great path to experience healthy and personal growth.

Too many advanced players and coaches focus only on physical skills, which means how best to overcome the opponent and win. While a competitive feature is a natural and legitimate part of the game, pickleball is so much more.

To experience pickleball to its full potential we need to think past the immediate physical aspect of the game and include the psychological aspect of relationship and team building.

Who do we help?

We want to support groups, organizations and pickleball coaches in providing powerful team building tools and strategies to relationship building in the game.

Creating a judgement free zone helps players to grow and develop their playing skills potential.

Holistic Pickleball in the organization

For us pickleball is a powerful way of team building in organizations. It helps members and employees of organizations and companies to connect and discover underlying issues that impede interpersonal communication and relationship building. And the team building is done in a fun and informal way. But we believe that the way to carry out the relationship and teambuilding must be anchored in the core value of the organizations.

Since organizations and groups have different expectations and specific needs, teambuilding must be addressed in a structured yet flexible framework to benefit from pickleball in a holistic way.

We have developed a unique healthy and holistic way to teach our beloved game through high quality lessons on pickleball playing skills and strategy and proven interpersonal skills that create a non-judgement space which builds relationships.

We combine skill training with the emotional and mental support that is essential to succeed in advancing in skills and truly enjoy the game in a healthy way while developing quality relationship.

Pickleball is a unique way to engage in competitive yet entertaining ball playing and connect with other people with whom to celebrate the personal successes as well as those of others.

We have been playing for a couple of years, coming from other ball sports, and we have learned how to create an environment that provides room to grow in technical skills combined while building enriching relationships and group experiences.

About the Instructors:

Dr. Manfred Zapka, PhD, is an engineer, a licensed healthy buildings and wellness expert and a university faculty member and researcher. He is also a licensed pickleball instructor. He has been studying the art and science of pickleball and can describe all aspects of the game in a thorough yet easy to understand way.

Understanding the mechanics and healthy approach to the game is essential for players as well as for coaches to gain proficiency and confidence to progress in a comfortable place. As one says “Train smarter not harder”.

Dr. Phyllis Horner, PhD, is an organizational psychologist, an educator, group facilitator and team builder. She is a licensed healthy buildings and wellness expert and faculty member. She is an active pickleball player and enjoys sharing time with others on the courts and making new friends. She loves the game and the people who play it.

She offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in building strong teams and avoids interpersonal conflicts by overcoming deficient communication and understanding of roles.

What we Offer:

• In person and online workshops for pickleball teams and coaches on how to create the psychological and emotional foundation for high performance teams and instructors.

• Incentive programs to engage employees in a healthy and fun way.

• Online instructions on team buildings and organizing team activities.

• Assessments of individuals, teams and instructions using the Holistic Pickleball Score System.

• Lessons for beginners and advanced pickleball players which teach paddle technique and strategy of the game.