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We are dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and productive environments.

Get Expert Guidance to create a place where people
can work, live, and rebuild (recharge).

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Who we Serve:


Leaders who see the need to reshape the environment where people can work, live, and recharge and who benefit from better results and customer experience.


Professionals who need a better environment to align with how they can do their best work and support others to achieve great satisfaction.

We understand the importance of valuing and respecting your employees in the workplace. We can assist you in maximizing the values you promote within your organization.

Our Core Values

As our company name suggests we are promoting Great Places and Places for work, living and recreation. We all need and are longing for quality places and spaces that support wellbeing and health so that we maintain positive energy for our daily life and our professional proficiencies.

Combining physical space and psychological place

We have founded Great Places and Spaces upon our realization that only a well-tuned combination of physical and psychological aspects of the environment provides the basis for true healthy, safe, and productive places and spaces.

Our founders, Dr. Phyllis Horner, an executive coach and organizational psychologist, and Dr. Manfred Zapka, a certified indoor environmental consultant and health building expertSM , uniquely complement expert knowledge and experience in the physical and psychological fields.

How our customers can benefit

Smart investments need to have a positive ROI. Our coaching, consulting, and teaching is geared to have organizations realize attractive ROI scenarios.

Our work is knowledge based

All aspects of our work in knowledge based with an open view to innovations, and practical with a view on the bottom line. We rely on scientifically proven methods and technologies to support our customers and add value to the organizations.

Objective assessment of methods and technologies assures that only fitting solutions are proposed to create the great places and spaces that all of us desire. In our professional work we draw from our research and teaching experiences in academia and our project work for corporate clients.

We recognized that a truly productive workplace must combine the physical workspace and the psychological aspect of corporate culture.

Getting Results

We decided we wanted to create healthy and productive workplaces, while staying true to our belief of considering the impact to the environment and community when we derive solutions for businesses.

People who value the health of the planet also cherish healthy and prosperous community and organizations. The solutions that we facilitate are promoting environmentally responsible ways that enrich personal experiences in the built environment and at the workplace.

Please contact us today for a free consultation of your needs and how we can help.

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