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Work Settings that Work in Modern Times

Get Expert Guidance for Re-opening your Offices Successfully Post-Pandemic. Lower your risks, and increase your revenue and occupant engagement.

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Who need to reshape the work experience for ROI and retention.


Who need the modern workplace to align with how they do their best work.

MORE THAN EVER, Your Employees Need a Reason to Say

DID you know that 75% of employees working at home are worried about or reluctant to return to the office?

What does this mean for your productivity and successful reopening? Get real data on how much floor space and  configuration you need, and how to help them feel safe and healthy when they step into your space.

Things have changed radically in what it takes to ensure productivity.  Every business is hard at work creating a plan for employees to return.  But many have experienced a freer way to work and are asking for consideration.

The New Psychological Contract

Besides sanitation, social distancing and hand washing, employees report that communication and healthy air quality will be “deal-breakers:, and that personal needs such as quiet, good lighting,  and relief from overwhelming workloads are the new “great place and space” criteria.

Getting Results

We recognized that a truly productive workplace must combine the physical workspace and the psychological aspect of corporate culture.


We decided we wanted to create healthy and productive workplaces, while staying true to our belief of considering the impact to the environment and community when we derive solutions for businesses.


People who value the health of the planet also cherish healthy and prosperous community and organizations. The solutions that we facilitate are promoting environmentally responsible ways that enrich personal experiences in the built environment and at the workplace.

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