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Gartner Says: Dive Insight:

Gartner and other consultancies have consistently cited work flexibility as an emerging post-pandemic trend. Many employers appear to agree; a survey of U.S. individuals last year by Mercer found that 83% of respondents said their companies were considering implementing flexible work arrangements at a greater scale than they did prior to the pandemic, and 73% reported plans to implement a hybrid work environment.

Hybrid work models are already beginning to see inclusion in corporate reopening plans. Perhaps the most notable example is Google, which announced that upon reopening its offices in September 2021, the company will pilot a hybrid scheduling model allowing certain employees to alternate between on-site and off-site work for a set number of days per week.

Executives at publishing firm Wiley told HR Dive the company would similarly allow for either permanent remote arrangements or hybrid arrangements for some employees. Wiley cited real estate cost savings, increased employee satisfaction and diversity and inclusion goals as reasons for the shift.

Phyllis Horner Says:

Smart/ Nice/ Well done retort to this part of the article..

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